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Frequently Asked Questions

General (4)

While you can enjoy all of our video without a user account, having a user account will allow you to:

  • download lab diagrams and guides
  • add videos to a playlist
  • post comments
  • rate videos
  • subscribe to newsletter

You can have up to 20 videos, after which the oldest video in your list will be replaced.

If you have signed up on Lab Minutes website and try to log into the forum, or vice versa, but failed, you will need to create a new account on the forum. Lab Minutes main website and forum currently do not share the same user database.

You will be notified on our website updates, promotions, and new video releases of your favorite topics.

Public Blog (5)

Blogging is a great way to contribute your technical wisdoms back to the professional communities, establish your credibility in the industry, and develop your writing and presentation skills. A blog also serves as a documentation for yourself (and others) which you can always refer back in case you come across the same scenario in the future.

Blogging with Lab Minutes allows you to focus your target audience to Cisco networking professionals and increases the chance of your contents being viewed. For those that may already owned a website, posting your content with Lab Minutes creates a channel for backlinks that can potentially generate more inbound traffic to your website. We also have an ongoing blogging contest to give away a monthly prize to the most published blogger.

We currently offer an article-type blog to public. We may include video blog in the future.

You can blog pretty much about anything that you find interesting within Cisco networking and its surrounding technologies. Some suggested type of content are:

  • How to configure something
  • How to troubleshoot something
  • Experience on your implementation, best practices, recommendations
  • Emerging technologies and trends
  • Product review

If you are interested in blogging with us, please create an account (if not already) and submit a request using our online web form with a subject "Blogging Application" and the following information

  • Full name
  • Technologies that you are interested in blogging about
  • Your current Cisco certification (If any). If you hold CCIE(s), please provide the CCIE number and name as appear in the certification system (for validation purpose)

Once your application is approved, you will be receiving a welcome email that contains all the information that you need.
Lab Minutes reserves the right to refuse any application or revoke blogging privileges upon any rule violation at any time without notice.

Purchase (5)

Refund will be issued only when the Purchase Agreement has not been violated, or it is caused by a system error. In which case, you must contact us within 7 days of purchase using our webform. Lab Minutes reserves the right to refuse a refund.

If you make a purchase using credit card, it may take time to process and approve the transaction. If the issue is not resolved after 1 hour, please contact us and provide the following information

  • Order Number (if available)
  • Date and Time of Purchase
  • Your Username
  • Content Purchased
  • Total Amount Paid

You may have exceeded the number of allowable download or the file may have become expired. Under 'My Files' section of your account, the link may be greyed out or the file may have been completely removed from your list. Please make a new purchase to regain access of the file.

There are three ways to access contents you purchased,
1. Email Notification
You should receive an email notification containing a download link for each file (except video bundle). You can simply click on the link to initiate a download. Please note that the link can only be used once.
2. My Files Section
My Files section under your account contains a list of all content you have purchased. It also provides download history and expiration date.
3. Video Page
Once the content is purchased, the 'Add to Cart' button on the video page will become a download link that you can also initiate a download from.

You can simply add items to your shopping cart from the video pages or our Lab Minutes Store and proceed to checkout when ready. We accept payment using Paypal and major credit cards.

Video Download (9)

Video download is made available as a premium paid-service for those who would like to download our lab videos and view them locally on their computers, at their own pace, without internet access. The content of these videos are identical to those available for free online viewing on our website.

No. They both have identical contents, but video download usually have better video and audio quality and provide more enjoyable viewing experience.

Video bundle is a collection of tutorial videos under a particular technology series. This offers our users a discounted alternative, usually over 15% saving, of purchasing large number of videos, as opposed to purchasing them individually. Some bundles also include additional lab documentations.

A single video download purchase entitles you to one-user license to view the downloaded content. Any distribution, duplication, publication, sharing, and commercial use of purchased content are prohibited. 

Advance viewing videos are videos that have been made available for purchase and download before they have become viewable online. This paid premium service is for our audience who cannot wait for the online version to be released.

After the video bundle is purchased, we will issue refund for any videos included in the bundle purchased within the last 7 days upon request.

Should a new video gets added to the video bundle within 60 days after your purchase, you can send us request to have the video added to your account free of charge. After 60 days, the video needs to be purchased separately. 

All video download come in .mp4 file format

Please refer to Licensing for Group Training section

Licensing for Group Training (1)

Any use of Lab Minutes contents, purchased or free online, other than personal viewing such as in corporate classroom training or e-learning system require license purchase. The licenses entitle you to utilize Lab Minutes materials in a group training within the same organization in a non-profit manner for users up to the number of license purchased. Lab Minutes offers discounted corporate rate for multi-user license. Please contact us through our Contact form to request for pricing.

Video (2)

To receive updates on the latest video releases, you can do the followings.

  • Create account on our website and sign up for newsletter
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel or RSS feed
  • Friend us on Google+

All of our videos are created from actual Cisco hardware unless mentioned in the videos.