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Lab Minutes was created by Cisco networking enthusiasts as a channel to share lab videos with fellow users in the community who have the same interest. The difficulty of the videos ranges from basic device configuration to advanced functionalities (as indicated by difficulty rating on each video) so our contents are intended for beginners, who are entering the world of Cisco and would like to learn more, all the way to experienced users, who are seeking product feature demonstrations or quick reviews on particular topics. 

The majority of videos contain hand-on labs that concentrate on device configurations and demonstrate how particular features work. Our videos, however, do not dive into detail on theory behind the subject. We certainly encourage our audiences to consult relevant Cisco publications and online documentation for additional information to ensure a better understanding of the topics prior to viewing the videos.   

We hope that you learn from our videos, and learn even more when you actually try to lab them yourself. If you have any suggestion that might help us improve our website, please contact us using our web forms. With enough said, it’s time to lab.


Enjoy Labbing!!

Lab Minutes Team